Mr. David and Mrs. Marie-Louise Röschli lived with their four children in Ethiopia from 1962 to 1975 during which time they adopted six Ethiopian children. In February 1975, due to the advent of the communist regime the Röschli family was forced to return to Switzerland. 

In 1984 Tsehay Röschli the eldest of the adopted children, made a visit to Ethiopia which was then stricken by severe famine. Moved by the ill situation of her native country, she returned to Switzerland consulted with her families and friends in order to raise funds to establish a home for children who were orphaned by this disaster. The foundation stone for the village was laid on January 16th 1986. Soon after, 19 boys and 13 girls were brought to live in the now established Selam Children’s Village. At the end of the same year, the Selam family grew to include 69 children between the ages of 3 to 16.Through time; Selam Children’s Village expanded its activities to include development through strategic focus on education and numerous other projects.

MR David Röschli who had teaching experience in Addis Ababa Technology faculty had resigned his job in Switzerland and moved to Ethiopia with his wife Marie- Louise Röschli in 1989. Mr. David took some strides to open Selam Technical and Vocational Training center (Now Selam David R Röschli Technical and Vocational College). He designed the building and planned to train those who didn’t go further with their academic studies. The idea conceived by W/ro. Tsehay was given life and developed by Mr. David and started producing proud and productive generation. Until his death he worked so hard to prove that all the children in the village get the right education and he succeeded in doing so. 

Mrs. Marie-Louise Röschli also started home economics training for girls in Selam Girls Vocational Center (now Food preparation department part of Selam David Röschli technical and Vocational College) and started a food preparation training for women inmates at Addis Ababa prison administration at Tesfa technical and vocational training college.

With the hard work of The Röschli Family and friends in Switzerland and Germany Selam has expanded and now the activities of SCV includes kindergarten, primary schools, technical and vocational training college, food preparation training, garment making training with income generating programs like metal fabrication, aluminum and stainless still production and agricultural production.