Restaurant And Shop

Selam Restaurant and Shop are located at Selam Children’s Village I. The restaurant has a very inviting atmosphere and you’ll feel right at home here.

The restaurant is part of the training program of the Selam Food Preparation Training Center, where the customers are waited on by the trainees and served with dishes prepared by them.

The restaurant serves lunch (12pm to 2pm) from Monday through Saturday. There is a different menu for each day of the month for both International and National dishes, which are comprised of a full course meal. Vegetarian dishes are served every Wednesday and Friday.

Some specialty dishes include Röschti, Chicken breast with rice, Steak, Russian salad, Potato cream soup, Kitfo and Dorro wot.
The shop is adjoined to the restaurant and serves as an outlet to some Selam products which are sold at a reasonable price.

The items available for sell are:

· Variety of delicious cakes and ice cream
· Fresh bread straight from the oven (wheat, rye, soya, barley)
· Dairy products (milk, fresh cream, yogurt, cottage cheese)
· Soya bean products (soya milk, soya cheese, Tofu)
· Meat products (beef and pork sausage, smoked beef)
· Honey
· Peanut butter
· Shiro (pea powder) and berberay (Ethiopian Chili powder)
· Organic vegetables, Apples and Mushroom from Selam farm
· Different colorful aprons· Products of Women’s Handicrafts (traditional clay pots, baskets, table mats, scarves etc.)

What it means to buy from Selam shop?The income generated helps in part to sustain all the activities and projects undertaken by Selam Children’s Village.