LI-WAY Project

Selam Children’s Village has implemented a pilot project entitled Livelihood Improvement for Women and Youth /LI-WAY/ Project in partnership with Save the Children Ethiopia with financial support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The overall objective of the program was to contribute to sustainable poverty reduction, improved gender relations and social stability of women and youths in Addis Ababa by increasing their income and access to economic opportunities. The project provided short-term vocational skill training and facilitated employment for 89 youths.

Through the LI-WAY Project, SCV has facilitated the establishment of a legal savings and credit association named “Selam LI-WAY-EYE Saving and Credit Association”. The association has 188 members and SCV has deposited a total amount of 1,800,000.00 ETB as an initial capital. Currently, the capital of the association has increased to 3,000,000.00 ETB. 73 members have accessed loan from the association and all of them successfully repaid.