Family Model Village Child Care

When Selam Children’s Village was started, institutional care was among the five alternative child care activities that have been implemented for about twenty-six years. Those who lost their parents due to different reasons and those who could not get close relatives to take care of these children have got a home to grow up in.

Since its establishment, considerable effort has been made to mitigate the widespread problems of orphan and vulnerable children. Children have been provided with materials that can help them pursue their education and psycho social support that helps them to surpass the challenges of loss of parents’ love and the struggle to earn their living. Moreover, they are assisted in developing life skills that enable them to make informed decisions. Medical care and creating a child-friendly environment so that children will grow safely are also among the provisions.

Institutional care was operational up to 2011. Selam, as ever growing and committed to providing the best service to children in need, changed its mode of support to Family Model Village Child Care. In this service modality, children have their own home; foster mother, foster aunt, and father figure. Basic needs are fulfilled to the required standard. In every family house, creating a family-like environment gets focus and it is successful. Everything that would help with their growth and development is provided. Love and care is a known feature of Selam Children’s village.

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