Misale Drivers Training Academy

The Misale Drivers Training Academy offers comprehensive driving programs for commercial and public vehicle drivers. We provide training using advanced simulators and new vehicles to produce skilled and competent drivers.

  • Automobile, Public 1, 2, 3, Dry Cargo 1, 2, 3
  • Drivers Assessment on behalf of Companies
  • Refreshment Trainings
  • Skill Gap Training for Companies and Defensive and Eco-Driving Techniques
  • Renewal Test
  • Training of Trainers / Approval Trainings

Career Opportunities:

  • Driving instructor (for driving schools and trucking/transportation companies)
  • Taxi, Bus, Truck, and other kinds of vehicles driver (for taxi/rideshare companies)
  • Emergency vehicle driver (for police, fire departments, ambulance services)
  • Chauffeur (for limousine services, hotels, private families)
  • Valet driver (for hotels, restaurants, events)
  • Warehousing equipment operator (for warehouses, fulfillment centers)
  • Farm equipment operator (for agriculture companies, farms)
  • Forklift operator (for warehouses, manufacturing facilities)

The academy aims to produce safe, responsible drivers ready for careers operating commercial and public vehicles. Students get hands-on practice in modern vehicles and simulations.