Youth Support Program

Youth support is one of the four departments of Children Youth & Community Support Project, meant to prepare the youth to adjust to the context of living independently. In view of meeting the objectives set to ensure their smooth reintegration with the community, these young people are provided with proper orientation, follow-up and support by social workers. After the age of 18 (de­pending on their level of maturity and readiness), children are made to live within the commu­nity by providing monthly allowances, psychosocial, educational and other necessary supports that enable them to manage their houses, food, and other life endeavors. It is a transitional program aimed at preparing the youth for adult hood. Moreover, it is like training centers to prepare them to lead an independent life with financial assistance until they become fully independent and earn their own living. Children who grow up in a family model will start semi-independent living (SIL) when they become youth.


Up on completion of secondary school, they continue their skill training or further academic education in the universities based on their academic performance and interest. After graduation, they will join a job search program for six months and after they secure a job, they will be fully integrated.


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